Treatment of orthodontic anomalies

A key to success is good diagnosis and accurate dental evaluation and afterwards a correct dental treatment planning. At Ortodent the orthodontic treatment is considered a partnership between a patient and an orthodontist. Our medical facility is based on modern and most aesthetically possible orthodontic treatment, so beside classic removable and fixed teeth appliances we offer you treatment possibilities that are listed below.

An aesthetic fixed teeth appliance

Is a classic orthodontic appliance in which brackets are made of ceramic or ceramic composites, therefore lesser visible – treatment is suitable for adults and youth and is less visible.

While wearing this type of orthodontic appliance excellent oral hygiene is needed that is ensured by using special types of dental brushes. Our assistants will explain you anything you need to know about using them. You will have to pay attention to your diet, as well. After starting to use an appliance, avoid eating hard food such as nuts and hard fruits, at least at the beginning of the treatment; food should be cut into small pieces.

Incognito - lingual technique

In this type of orthodontic appliance braces are placed on the interior side of the teeth and therefore completely invisible whilst wearing – suitable for adults and older adolescents. We are certified for performing Incognito treatment.

Treatment with this type of appliance also requires excellent oral hygiene and use of an oral irrigator is recommended. Due to the fact that braces are placed on the interior side of the teeth, patients get used to them very quickly and during treatment they don’t have greater problems.

Invisalign – invisible orthodontic appliance

Orthodontic treatment is performed by changing invisible appliances – treatment is suitable mainly for adults, but also for adolescents and is minimally visible. We are certified for Invisalign treatments.

This type of treatment has numerous advantages for a patient. Before eating the aligners are removed, so during the therapy patients can consume any foods and drinks they want. Also, the aligners can be removed when brushing teeth, so oral hygiene can be kept as usual. No additional interdental toothbrushes are needed and there is no time-consuming brushing.

Mini-screws - temporary skeletal anchors

Mini-screws help in reaching the desired therapy goal. They are used for treating severe orthodontic imperfections.

First, local anaesthetic is used to numb the gum and afterwards a mini-screw is placed manually or by using a special device. The procedure is not painful and it takes several minutes. The treatment is suitable for children and adolescents as well as for adults.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

The most common question we get from our patients is: How long does orthodontic treatment take? The easiest way to answer any such question is to examine patient at our facility. However, the main factors that determine how long treatment will take are – the degree of severity, type of appliance, age, etc. It should not be forgotten that after every orthodontic therapy the so-called retention phase follows. During this period a patient wears fixed retainers and/or retention appliances or braces. This period can take up to several years.

Your smile and satisfaction are very important to us. So, please explain us your wishes and expectations and we will advise you how to solve your problem professionally and carry out the treatment to the desired goal.

Mandatory to make an appointment

To be examined in our practice, it is necessary to schedule an appointment in advance