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The guarantee of our quality and your satisfaction is our following the doctrine of orthodontic treatment, using the latest techniques and appliances as well as friendly staff.
To be examined in our practice, it is necessary to schedule an appointment in advance. Scheduling can be made personally, by telephone or you contact us online.


Our medical facility is based on modern and orthodontic treatment using the most esthetically possible removable and non-removable teeth appliances. You can choose among various treatment possibilities. Read more

General dentistry

We provide a majority of general dental treatments – esthetic dental treatments, dental prosthetics and implantology. Read more

Oral hygene and advices

Useful advices concerning oral hygiene habits during orthodontic treatment. Read more

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For a beautiful smile!

Statements of satisfied patients

“Dr. Arko, for our family you are the Slovenian Woman of the Year. You’ve managed to straighten our daughter’s teeth so nicely that it had made everyone in our family over the moon with happiness. Keep up the good work.”

Liljana, 45 years old

“Thank you for having treated my teeth at my age with such enthusiasm and professionalism. I am very pleased with your services.”

Marija, 74 years old

“My entire youth, I have been hiding my teeth while smiling. From today on, I’m starting to learn to smile again, to show all of my all teeth, happily…”

Lara, 18 years old

“I was very pleased with your services. Your orthodontic treatment is adapted to us, youth. It was quickly over!”

Marko, 17 years old

“Katja, thank you very much for your efforts. Because of you, I have the most beautiful natural smile. I am very pleased, because the condition of my teeth has been very disturbing for me, but today my face is full of joy.”

Maks, 46 years old

Working hours (for ZZZS patients)

Monday7:30 - 18:00
Wednesday7:30 - 17:00
Friday7:30 - 13:00
Saturday, Sunday and holidaysclosed
Midday break12:00 - 13:00

You can make an appointment


by visiting us

By telephone (from 7 to 11 a.m.)

+386 (0)2 / 843-27-39
+386 (0)51 / 666-406


by using an online form or directly writing us to ordinacija@ortodent.si

Mandatory to make an appointment

To be examined in our practice, it is necessary to schedule an appointment in advance


We have ambulances equipped with modern equipment in Ptuj and Slovenska Bistrica.

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Our team

Experienced specialist orthodontists, an oral hygienist and a well-coordinated team of assistants will take care of you.

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Many people who have had problems with their teeth, now have a nice smile because of us.

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